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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Psychologists’ Talk To Address ‘Hidden Epidemic’ of Social Anxiety

  • Daughter of actor Sean McGinley urges people to open up about disorder
  • Psychological Society of Ireland estimates over 400,000 Irish people suffer from social anxiety

The daughter of Irish actor Sean McGinley has urged people to open up about the ‘hidden epidemic’ of social anxiety.

Róisín McGinley, who has suffered from social anxiety, said that it was an area of mental health that does not get openly addressed and discussed in Irish society

Ms McGinley called on people who experience social anxiety to attend the Psychological Society of Ireland’s (PSI) free public talk.

The talk takes place at the Dublin Business School at 6.30pm next Monday October 10th, World Mental Health Day.

The PSI, which represents about 3,000 members, estimates that over 400,000 Irish people - or 16% of the population - experience some form of social anxiety.

According to the PSI, social anxiety sufferers seldom seek care because of a fear of humiliation and/or embarrassment.

While most people may have a fear of public speaking, other forms of social interactions are experienced as easy and pleasurable.

For those who do not experience social anxiety, they often fail to appreciate the potential distress associated with it.

The PSI notes that for many with social anxiety the fact that non-sufferers cannot empathize with them can add to their shame and embarrassment.

The PSI talk will look at social anxiety and its serious ramifications and examine the many hidden ways in which it may present itself as well as outlining some of the strategy that sufferers have found helpful.

The talk will be given by PSI member Odhran McCarthy - an expert in social anxiety working in the HSE mental health service.

Ms McGinley said: “With social anxiety, the instinct is to avoid talking about it, to downplay the feelings and difficulties it’s causing. This only feeds the monster and keeps it alive. Since this realisation, starving my social anxiety has been my main goal.

“I hope that saying something about my own personal experience at the PSI talk on October 10th may encourage others to talk about their worries and fears. I’ll be supported by my Dad, Sean, who will also be at the talk” she added.


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