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January 2016

 “At the Centre of this Strategy is the Mother”
PIMHSIG’s response to the publication of Ireland’s first National Maternity Strategy 2016 – 2026

The Committee of the PSI's Perinatal and Infant Mental Health Special Interest Group (PIMHSIG) welcomes the recent publication of Ireland’s first National Maternity Strategy and commend the work of the Steering Group in creating a comprehensive document which acknowledges the importance of supporting maternal mental health and wellbeing across the perinatal period and providing maternity services that reflect this.

The PIMHSIG committee was encouraged to note that "perinatal mental health was a recurring theme of the public consultation, the findings of which point to the need for better and more accessible mental health support pre, during and post pregnancy" (p. 62), further highlighting the public recognition of the importance of such services being available across the perinatal period.

Furthermore, in reflecting the Strategy’s recognition that the “transition to motherhood is an event of a huge social and emotional significance” (p.4), the Committee welcomes the acknowledgement that provision of services across the perinatal period need to be multidisciplinary in approach, and note the recommendation that each maternity network will include Psychology, among other allied health professions, as standard practice, irrespective of the pregnancy risk profile.

Finally, the PIMHSIG Committee welcomes the Strategy’s recognition of the importance of developing a workforce with capacity to effectively provide a holistic maternity service; involving both Psychologists and other allied health professions.

It is hoped that the National Women & Infants Health Programme will begin acting on the recommendations with immediate effect in order to offer a multidisciplinary team approach to women and their families throughout pregnancy and into the postnatal period, and we look forward to seeing more Psychologists working within the Irish maternity services and across the perinatal period.

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