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The Executive Council of the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA) has issued the following statement regarding the conflict in Ukraine.   PSI Council has agreed to EFPA's request to publicise the statement.
The European Federation of psychologists Associations (EFPA) herewith:
1.            Expresses its concern about the unfolding events in Ukraine. 
2.            Calls upon its member associations to support their colleague psychologists from Ukraine and other countries affected by the current conflict.
3.            Advises psychologists to abstain from involvement in propaganda and psychological warfare related to the conflict.
4.            Asks attention for the mental health impacts of the developments on the people in Ukraine and other countries in the region. 
5.            Points at the dangers of nationalism in further approaches to the conflict, and emphasizes the importance of putting shared values and interests above those that divide.
6.            Encourages psychologists with expertise in conflict resolution and in war and peace to contribute to de-escalation and peace promotion. 
7.            Calls upon all parties to continue efforts to defuse the conflict by negotiations.

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