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Recruitment of Professional Psychologists

The Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI), the Learned Society and Professional Body for psychology in Ireland, advocates the provision of comprehensive psychological services as an integral part of services to people in health, social and educational settings.

PSI is committed to ensuring the application of psychology in promoting human well-being and advocates the employment of a range of different psychologists in this endeavor. The education and training of all psychologists to provide human care is founded on the integration of science and practice and is conducted through rigorous quality assurance of postgraduate programmes overseen by the profession. In recruiting psychologists to provide this care, it is the PSI’s expectation that, at all stages of the selection process, employers will adopt a fair and transparent selection process that embraces genuine equality of access and opportunity.

Recently, the PSI Council has endorsed guidelines on the recruitment of psychologists. It is the view of the Society that, when considering psychologists for employment, applications should be invited on the basis of demonstrable competence, proficiency and accredited education and training. The PSI considers that applications should be welcome from all psychologists who have accredited postgraduate qualifications and can demonstrate that they have the necessary competencies, experience and professional postgraduate education and practice.

In such cases, the value of a psychologist’s competencies, additional training and experience gained post-qualification must be strongly considered. No candidate should be excluded from applying solely on the basis of their named professional qualification in psychology. Following the application stage, appropriate short-listing criteria should be applied and a robust competency-based interview process implemented to ensure that only suitable and appropriately trained psychologists are employed.

PSI welcomes review, comment and feedback from members on all of its policies, including in relation to the above (e-mail


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