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Membership Guidelines


Membership of the Division of Neuropsychology is open to all current PSI graduate members. The committee of the Division wish to encourage applications from all of those interested in Neuropsychology whether or not they practice clinically.

At present there are three membership categories.

  1. Full Member Practitioner Status
  2. Full Member General Status
  3. Affiliate Membership

Full Member Practitioner Status: This category of membership is intended for practicing clinical neuropsychologists. To meet criteria, applicants must have a PSI accredited qualification in Clinical Psychology. In addition, applicants must fulfil one of the following criteria:

  • A qualification in clinical or applied neuropsychology plus at least one year’s full time supervised practice (or part-time equivalent) since completing their clinical neuropsychology qualification, where clinical neuropsychology constitutes the majority of that practice
  • Applicants must have completed at least four years full-time (or part-time equivalent) clinical experience, where clinical neuropsychology constitutes the majority of that clinical practice. This experience must have been gained since completion of their professional clinical qualification and must have been carried out under the supervision of a Practitioner Member of the Division (or a supervisor eligible for this)

Full Member General Status:
This category of membership is intended for any graduate member of the Society who has completed research in the area of neuropsychology at PhD level or equivalent where the primary area of investigation was clearly related to neuropsychology

Affiliate Membership:
This category of membership is intended for those with an interest in neuropsychology as well as those who may be working towards Full Member Practitioner or General Status of the Division. Affiliate membership is open to any graduate member of the Society who has an interest in the academic or clinical practice of neuropsychology.

Please see our application form and the accompanying document on applying for membership of the Division for specific direction on applications.

The Division of Neuropsychology does not have statutory, regulatory or accrediting authority in relation to the clinical, research and/ or academic practice of members, and therefore does not accept any responsibility for members where their practice contravenes accepted professional, clinical, academic and or ethical practice.

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