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Division of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

Welcome to the new division of Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology (DSEPP).
The new division was ratified on November 9th 2012 at the annual PSI conference. We are delighted to bring this division to your attention, and keep you informed of its’ vision, objectives and future activities. The division will represent the interests of psychologists working in sport, exercise and performance settings.
Members will be drawn from a broad range of individuals (i.e., psychologists, and sport and exercise scientists working in academic settings, and those working in professional practice). The members of this division will be actively engaged in the science and practice of psychology within sport, exercise and human performance.
What is Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology?

Sport Psychology addresses the interactions between psychology and sport performance, including the psychological aspects of optimal athletic performance, the psychological care and well-being of athletes, coaches, and sport organisations, and the connection between physical and psychological functioning (Martin, 2012).

Exercise Psychology
is concerned with the behavioral, social cognitive, and psychobiological antecedents and consequences of physical activity.

Performance Psychology
focuses on the psychology of human performance, in particular, professions that demand excellence in psychomotor performance (i.e., performing arts, surgery, firefighting, law enforcement, military operations) (Martin, 2012).
The Aims of the Division

The division aims to advance the development of sport, exercise and performance psychology and to be the professional home for any psychologist who works is in sport, exercise or performance settings. Furthermore, we aim to represent sport, exercise and performance psychology practitioners, and researchers, both within and outside of the Society. Finally, the division aims to promote high standards of ethical and professional practice and research among sport, exercise and performance psychologists, and to develop and contribute to the continuing professional development of this domain.

Our Committee

At present we have an interim committee consisting of Mark Campbell (Chair), Olivia Hurley (Secretary), Tadhg MacIntyre (Treasurer) and ordinary members Aidan Moran, James Matthews, Eric Brady, Patrick Healy, Cian Aherne, Steve Doherty and Caoimhe Martin. We welcome new members and encourage people to make themselves known to us and get involved in this new Division. The Divisions inaugural meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 8th January 2013 at 6pm in the PSI headquarters.
Joining the Division

Our intention is to be as inclusive as possible in catering for the needs and interests of psychologists with specific interests in sport, exercise and human performance. Full details of criteria for membership will be available on this page as link in the very near future. Briefly, there will be three categories of membership: Full membership, Affiliate membership and Correspondence membership. The full and affiliate categories are aimed at graduate members of the society (with relevant experience or research in the area) and the final category will be targeted at a broader audience (e.g., sport & exercise scientists, coaches etc.) who would have specific interests in sport, exercise and performance psychology.
We have several exciting events planned for the new year and details will be available here shortly.

If PSI members have any queries in relation to membership or indeed any of our upcoming events, please contact Mark Campbell, Chair, by emailing

Please note membership application forms are available to download in the download section of this page.

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