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Introduction to Clinical Hypnotherapy

Venue: PSI Offices, Floor 2, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 8
Date: Thursday 28th September
Time: 6pm-9pm
Learning Credits: 2

Fees: Free to PSI Members only, Non- PSI Members €30.00

Brief description of the event
An introduction to clinical hypnosis, i.e. the procedure, an individual’s response to hypnosis (the mind, feelings and behaviours). The power of hypnosis, to change unconscious behaviour.
The clinical benefits of hypnosis. Break throughs in treatments for eating disorders, stop smoking, weight loss, fear of flying, insomnia, etc.
Training session, this will involve a brief demonstration of hypnosis. Jason will ask for volunteers.
Questions and Answers session.

For whom?

Psychologists, Doctors, GPs, Surgeons and Dentists

Learning outcomes
They will learn about the most commonly used methods for assessing behaviour, emotions and psychology of an individual. The reasons why clinical hypnosis is growing in importance. The wide range of areas and issues hypnosis covers.

Key skills they will take away from this event are:

  • Develop an understanding of hypnosis.
  • Knowledge of the clinical uses of hypnosis and its benefits.
  • How hypnosis works.
  • The basic skills required to hypnotise an individual, such as, eye contact, relationship building, understanding the reactions of an individual being hypnotised, etc.
  • Plus its uses for their patients.

In terms of their attitude, they will become more open, focused and positive to hypnosis.

Think of the following:

  • What is a practical application of the skills and knowledge learnt during the event? Hypnotising an individual may be the better alternative to medication.
  • What people will do differently after the event? Instead of just referring their clients to psychologists or counsellors, they will also recommend hypnotherapists.
  • How the event will influence participants’ way of thinking and understanding the main concepts, theory presented during the event? They will have a greater thinking and understanding of hypnosis. It will change their thought process on dealing with clinical issues, such as weight, smoking, alcohol, fears/phobias and many other issues.
  • What will be the impact of the event on participants’ workplace (from the perspective of an employer)?Hypnosis will improve the performance of staff, therefore the productivity of the organisation. For example, in almost every workplace, there are smokers. Those who smoke work 11 months of the year. They miss a month’s work due to smoke breaks and absenteeism. The staff who don’t smoke are healthier and perform better. One hypnosis session can get smokers to quit immediately, therefore benefiting the organisation, as they will have higher productivity levels. 

Relevant recent developments in the area being covered by the course:
Weight Loss, Fear of Flying, Eating Disorders, Stop Smoking.

Presenter: Jason O’Callaghan
Jason O’Callaghan is the founder of D4 Clinic and is psychologist and clinical hypnotherapist at the clinic. He has an Honours Degree in Psychology accredited by the Psychological Society of Ireland. He has a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. He was named on the 2012 Trinity Roll of Honour after he developed a stress reduction program for cancer patients.

Jason is now the highest trained practicing hypnotherapist in Ireland. Jason is a certified member and certified instructor with the national guild of Hypnotherapists USA.
Since the opening of D4 Clinic in 2012, he has led amazing results in weight loss, stop smoking, phobias/fears, building confidence, anxiety/stress and many other issues. He has gained media coverage, features in the Independent, Irish Daily Mirror, Irish Examiner, The Sun. He also features in the UK, such as, The Mirror, Daily Star, Yahoo News and in the U.S.A, San Francisco Gate.

Contact person for making reservations and enquires (link to the online reservation)
Jason O’Callaghan Ph: 01 6688217 or email:

Cancellation and Refunds policy: Non-refundable


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