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Fundamentals of Placement Management and Theory for Novice Experienced Supervisors

Date: 4th of October
Venue: University of Limerick 
Time: 09.30am to 4pm
CPD Credits: 4 per 

Anne O’Connor: 
BA, MAppSci (Clin. Psychology), Masters in ABA (NUI Galway). University of Limerick, Clinical Psychology Programme
Jonathan Egan: BA, MA, MPsychSc (Clin Spec), PsyD, PGCTLHE, C Clin Psychol PsSI. NUI Galway DPsychSc Programme in Clinical Psychology

Rationale for Event:

These Supervisor Workshops are for clinical supervisors on the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programmes at NUI Galway and University of Limerick. The workshops will allow Supervisors have a space to understand the PSIs guidelines for clinical training and how to approach trainee assessment, feedback and placement failure. Supervisors will be given the opportunity to review their expectations of being or becoming a supervisor. The workshop will be informed by the extant Evidence Based Practice and models for Supervision of clinical psychology trainees.

Teaching Objectives :

  • Supervisors will introduced to the PSI guidelines on clinical psychology programmes (2009)

  • Attendees will be informed of current evidence based Models of supervision

  • The procedures of supervision and assessment at NUI Galway and University of Limerick will be reviewed

  • To be able to consider how to deal with sensitive feedback to trainees and rifts in the supervision relationship as well as what to do in situations where there are serious concerns about their suitability as a trainee in relation to their observed professional and ethical behaviour

  • Technical skills for supervisors (including formulation models)

Content Outline of Psychological Content:

Models of supervision will be introduced according to the extant evidence base, as well as the core competencies which are to be assessed of a trainee on placement according to PSI guidelines for clinical psychology Doctoral training courses. A space for reflection on the expectations of supervision will be provided. Guidance on working with difficulty situations which arise between a supervisor and their supervisee will also be explored. 

Outline of Relevant Empirical Support/ Evidence base for this activity: Outline of Relevant Empirical Support/ Evidence base for this activity:
Falender, C. A., Cornish, J. A. E., Goodyear, R., Hatcher, R., Kaslow, N. J., Leventhal, G., ... & Grus, C. (2004). Defining competencies in psychology supervision: A consensus statement. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 60(7), 771-785.
Falender, C. A., & Shafranske, E. P. (2008). Casebook for clinical supervision: A competency-based approach. American Psychological Association
Milne, D. (2009). Evidence-based clinical supervision. Chichester: BPS Blackwell.

Method of Event Evaluation: Questionnaire


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